lost fulcrum

a leech
a putrid filth sucking wound
a soul colliding with its own pitch
in this nauseating heave
this is taking the seeds
aging walls are coming down to hide me
in this i can see fear
promises of isolation
the lie will select one


breathe low

i am the unborn scab of the earth
i am the end of my own obscene death
i am the enemy thawed
i am the breed to desist
to devise
to attempt
to fail
at my own protest


evasion undone

young blood in its godless tragedy
new flesh becoming the grave of our expectations
synchronized disintegration
taking life from the unborn
thoughts processed in rows
the jaws taking one life at a time
my evasion undone
white lungs retaliate from lines
drawn through the glass
high above the ties of my energy
i strain
ears pounding
light pushed through my eyes
i wait posed on the edge
as a stone
i wait
i see the eyes of the abomination


silent first

when the number of faces collecting the space
has overlapped the years
count the silent first
take me
drag me to the wall
drown me with lead
i see the word
and watch the mazed look on its face
the persona of the apologist

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